"(DC Proof) is well conceived, carefully planned and remarkable in its pedagogy and content."
--Brendan Kelly Ph.D., Ed.D., Emeritus Professor of Mathematics and Mathematics Education, OISE/University of Toronto, Canada

"DC Proof and Metamath provide very different approaches and philosophies. DC Proof embeds first-order logic in its engine (program), so that what the user sees corresponds to a more high-level view of the proof, similar to what might be found in a math book or math course. DC Proof is probably a better tool for learning about proofs in the way that mathematicians usually do them."
--Norman Megill, creator of Metamath, sci.math, January 2006

"I find (DC Proof) much easier to use than other theorem provers... I found COQ et al to be quite heavy to integrate. DC Proof on the other hand has a more natural language associated with it."
--Tom Hubbard, Lead Software Systems Engineer, Bedford MA, USA

"Amazing program, thank you so much... I'm taking my first "real math" course outside the Calc sequence. (DC Proof) has been of immense help in organizing and developing clear, concise proofs. The interface is slick and the way it sort of guides you, while still allowing for discovery-the necessary 'aha!' moments, is great."
--Paul Beykirch, math/computer science student, Poughkeepsie NY, USA