How to temporarily disable the Norton Download Intelligence Option

If you have Norton Internet Security installed on your computer, and you unable to download DC Proof 2.0, you may want to consider temporarily disabling the the Norton Download Intelligence Option as follows. When the download is complete, as a precaution before installing it,  you may scan the dcpsetup.exe file using the Norton Anti-Virus program.

Begin by opening the Norton Internet Security main screen and click on Settings in the upper right-hand corner.

From Detailed Settings, select Firewall.

Select Intrusion and Browser Protection on the menu bar. Then temporarily set the Download Intelligence to Off. Then click Apply.


How to do an On-Demand Scan using Norton Anti-virus

As a precaution, before installing the program,  you may scan the dcpsetup.exe file by opening your Downloads directory, right-clicking the name of that file, and  selecting the Scan Now option. On successful completion of the scan, double-click on the file name to install and enjoy the latest version of DC Proof 2.0 within seconds!